Today’s sound nugget is “SHE’S GRINDING (PRODUCED BY EMYND)” by Maal A Goomba. Lets just say the music fits the name. Hope you find it amusing!

Todays’ sound nugget is “Your Love Ain’t Fair” by Simian Mobile Disco off their new album Unpatterns that was just released at 12:00am just about an hour ago. This nugget is super fresh! This track is one of my favorites off the new album which seems more dancefloor worthy than their other albums thus far. This starts right off the bat with a heavy kick some textile drum sounds, a nice gated synth, some sampled vocals that sound pretty damn fine and some synths that sound like they belong in a disco. The song progresses to get more intense as it goes on by adding all of these elements together. Overall it produces a very strong house groove. 

Ok, so I thought I was being cool getting this track to you guys after I bought it but apparently it has been on soundcloud for a while I think. The audio file proved to big and so I looked for it on soundcloud and their it was so its an embedded URL. Lame right? If you haven’t heard it already here it is, enjoy!

Simian Mobile Disco's new LP Dropping Tomorrow

Here’s a review of Unpatterns, the new LP that Simian Mobile Disco is dropping tomorrow, straight from XLR8R. So pumped! After hearing their new single Seraphim I can’t wait for the new release! Supposedly its going to cater more to the dancefloor. I’m so giddy right now.

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