Here’s the new collab between UK-based producer Kadugodi and mysterious producer TWOS. Dark, slow, and seductive—their piece “Missin U” is a subtly creeping force with an enveloping atmosphere of deep bass, smooth r&b vocal samples, and a warm blanket of background textures and lightly dripping beats. As far as great collabs go, this one, without a second thought, is added to the archive. You can grab the brilliant track over at Soundcloud.

MP3: Kadugodi & TWOS - Missin You


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Check the video then download the mix tape for free! Fresh hip hop from Unda Tha Villa!

"Mama Told Me (Feat. Kelly Rowland)" favorite song from Big Boi’s most recent album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors

The artist’s name is Zeke and this is a sample of some forthcoming work. Here’s a video of him doing his thing at The Bird. CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE HERE!

imageToday’s sound nugget is “Los Rakas ft. E-40 - Dro (carmack is drunk and high remix)” by Mr. Cormack. This guy is extremely prolific and everything that seems to come out of his musical brain hole is awesome! He makes some really intense trap music bangers but at the same time he is very good at creating the most soulful of chill vibes. 

Today’s sound nugget is “Missy Elliott - Sock It 2 Me (Kaytranada Remix)” by Kaytranada. Yet Another remix of Missy Elliot this one goes hard in tha mothafuckin paint!

Listen to S L V EP by S L V. New stuff from Urban Waves Records!!

Listen to Cyborg Kama Sutra (Free DL) by Constrobuz x OSØ.

That good ole 8-bit and house infused soul straight to ur earhole. Get all 18 tracks for free. OSO and Constrobuzz, umph!

This guy Zeke has killer DJ skillz yo. This is a show that he headlined for the beat giant Ta-ku! Filming by Naik.

Todays sound nugget is “Nas - It ain’t Hard to Tell (Remix)” by Suhnraw This one goes deep.

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