Lucy McRae and Robyn team up Visual and performance artist Lucy Mcrae and musical artist Robyn team up to construct Robyn’s new music video for “indestructible” and the album cover for her new album Body Talk Pt. 1.
This ‘Making Of’ video showcases a project that started over two years ago generating dynamic textiles made from liquid, air and vapor. 1.2 kilometres of transparent plumbing tubing was knitted with fishing wire to skin Robyn’s body.

November 2010 Suspended from a delicately constructed coat hanger construction floats a seven layered paper pixel textile of electro-pop icon Robyn, with the real Robyn knitted amongst her seven other selfs. Constructed over two days by Lucy and the Dream Team Robyn’s third epic album is borne!

Interesting. “Landscape Painting” a performance art piece by Loren Dahlgaard.

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