Review: Usher - Looking 4 Myself

Ok,¬†here’s the scoop, its an ok album but I’m not a huge fan. Usher is a great vocalist I am not disputing that but I think he is not very good at turning out good compilations. This most likely isn’t a very big problem for him since most of his listeners probably buy his singles and then dismiss the rest. Anyways, I love Climax and really like Euphori and kinda like “Lessons for the Lover” and “What Happened to U.” I guess I prefer more slow high-pitched usher. His other stuff just seems really cheesy which is kind of weird. Anyways, on iTunes “Scream” is more popular than “Climax.” “Scream” deserves to be thrown in a trash can and Climax needs to be put on a pedestal and given oral sex. So, when I first looked at this album I was expecting growth in Usher’s sound after seeing his slightly grittier visage on the cover, after hearing Climax, and after looking at the title “Looking 4 Myself.” The title, once you look beyond the “4” suggests growth and possibly a struggling artists and therefor great things. However, most of the songs just sound like straight up plush pop barbie dolls that I feel only little girls would listen to after listening to the Jonas Brothers and watching Shark Boy and Lava Girl (terrible, terrible movie). None of the sounds of this album really come as a surprise and you can’t help feeling like you have heard them all before except better. This brings me to another point, in some of his “dubstep” tunes like “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” and “I Care For U” it sounds like he is trying to compare to James Blake. No way buddy. He lays it out similar with sparse beats that lack too much intricacies but he falls flat where James Blake excelled which is in creating new sounds and filling the space with his minimal approach by beefing up the instruments he did have or just using really interesting sounds to capture interest. In addition, Usher does not have the piano skills of James Blake. The dubstep bass that he uses in these sparse environments is what we have all heard before and falls completely flat. Plus what the hell is up with “Looking 4 Myself” it sounds like bouncy butt excrement. One positive thing is that the album does kind of live up to its name because it incorporates many genres like Rave, “dubstep,” RnB, neo-soul (I think i don’t really know exactly what that is but thats what it sounds like). So, I guess my problem is not with Usher but with whoever produced this album. Hopefully there are enough acapellas out there for producers to get their hands on and do great things with.¬†

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