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Nick Cave’s Soundsuits displayed in the Jack Shainman Gallery. These things are frickin’ awesome! He built his first suit in response to the 1991 Rodney King beating by Las Angeles police officers. His suits represent protest, defense, aggression, and transformation of the human form. Most of his materials are scavenged from thrift stores and flea markets. Nick Cave also trained as a dancer in Alvin Ailey programs in Kansas City and NYC. (photo set 2)

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Embracing a variety of media – principally photography, but also drawing, animation, performance and sculpture – the work of Robin Rhode uses simple, ephemeral devices (soap, charcoal, paint and chalk) to comment on urban youth culture, colonialism and socio-economic issues in a simple, witty and subtly effective way. His work often uses the street as his canvas or his backdrop, alluding to hip-hop and the role of the graffiti artist, and he often operates within the gritty aesthetic associated with that culture.

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